Friday, 28 June 2019

Pulling up lame

I had a lovely run before work yesterday. I suppose that officially it was a run commute, but as it took in 4 miles along the River Thames, it didn’t feel like it. I felt great and I was ticking over comfortably  at sub IM marathon pace, around 4:50kms. After an hour and 5 minutes I ran towards the front door of work, in fact, I could see it in front of me, only for my right calf to pull again in exactly the same spot as last week.

So that’s it for running for me now.  No more before the big day. While I was hoping to get another half marathon distance in before July 21st, it’s just going to be too risky. I’ve done considerably more running than I ever did before Forestman and Outlaw and it’s going to have to be enough. Three weeks’ rest should be enough to allow it to heal for me to complete the marathon at my goal pace, so now as I head towards the taper I can finish off with more swim and bike. Sub optimal, but in the main I’m in ok shape.

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